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Football Fitness and Skill Training Routine

Football Fitness and Training Routine- Professional Guide to conditioning and skill training for youth to professional players. The ultimate football workout plan.


Want to be the best player out there? Want to be faster? Improved fitness? More Skill? Now you too can get access to personal football fitness routine and football fitness drills that have been proven to dramatically improve football fitness and skill with top level players all over the world (Youth to Professional). This football training plan will help you create your own custom pro level football workout routine regardless of how good your team or coaching is.


Implement this hugely successful football training routine to your players to perform as homework in addition to their regular team training sessions. Either as personal football fitness drills or football skill drills. Allowing the players to perform professional fitness and skill routines on their own at home, with no additional effort from YOU!. Assign them their program and the players do the rest. With the time not spent on fitness and technical skill training you can work on tactical and team play in your sessions!


Help your son or daughter reach their full potential! This football workout plan has been shown to help youth football players get ahead in their development. It also helps those football players who are behind on their skill or fitness and need a little guidance into how best to train on their own. The players set up their own development program in additional their other training and activities using the booklet. Its easy and designed for kids.

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Want to Know what it takes to become a Professional Football/Soccer player?

Use this personal fitness and technical guide to you in your football specific training!

This personal football training manual is everything you need as a youth or adult player to work on your game and fitness. Designed by professional football coaches.

  • Anaerobic Training Routines
  • Aerobic Training Routines
  • Power Training Routines
  • Functional/Core Training Routines
  • Skill & Technical Routines
  • Agility & Quickness Routines
  • Yearly Planner
  • football Nutrition
  • Warm-up
  • And more...


This popular comprehensive 52 week program is designed for football players looking to have a full year personal program to improve their game.


  • 52 Weeks of Training
  • 70 Unique sessions
  • Seasonal planner
  • Suggested 52 wk Plan
  • Expert training advice


'I would highly recommed this manual to any player wanting to play professional football or improve their skill and football fitness levels through personal work-outs.'

'This is an amazing resource for any player training on their own. The drills and work-out sessions are amazing! They are easy to do cover all aspects you need to be a professional or high level player!'
P. Garbutt

'As a player working out on your own it can be hard to think up creative running sessions and work-outs with out gym equipment. This manual has it all for you. The sections on nutrition have also helped me alot.'
A. Wright

"This booklet gave me the confidence and guidance I needed to do well in my trials this year.'
A. Thompson

Administer this training program with your team. Print them out a manual each and they can follow the personal training regimes as an addition to team training. The manual has had huge success with both youth and adult teams.


Sample Aerobic Training

Each training code (routine) details one week of activites which a player must complete. The season is broken down into different phases where certain types of fitness and skill activites should be being performed.

Most activities in the manual can be performed with no special equipment and can take place at a local field or at home.

Sample Functional Training

In addition to these training codes the manual also provides the most recent theory on football nutrition and performance. It details meal plans and also ways to build custom football meals.

Included is also the most effective warm up routine, theory of basic football fitness and much more. The manual fits easily into training bags for coaches administering these to their teams.

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